Matt6 Studios is a creative development agency that believes that creativity and functionality can live in harmony with each other. It is what we strive for our clients. Everyday.

We work with individuals, small businesses, government entities and large corporations. Everyone gets the same attention to detail and the highest level of service.


Our core expertise begins at concept and doesn’t stop until we deliver the design and development you want.


We develop for all types of businesses from the sole proprietor to government institutions. No matter your size, our commitment remains the same - to produce great looking functional websites to move you forward, ahead of those around you. We do this by surfing the leading edge of design and function making sure that no matter how your audience experiences your site, they get the full impact of your message.


.01 Concept

It all starts with you. We begin by listening to your needs and brainstorming how to accomplish them.

.02 Design

We're an interactive digital agency with our roots in graphic design. After the perfect storm something beautiful emerges.

.03 Development

It’s what we do for our clients everyday. Taking something beautiful and bringing it to life.


Maintenance Plans

We offer a variety of website support and maintenance plans to keep your site software up to date with all the latest security updates and software versions, making sure you are taking advantage of all the latest features and are protected from breaches to your website.

Our support and maintenance plans also help keep your content updated by making your requested changes to the website so you can spend more time running your business. Just send us the text and images and we will do the rest, making sure the latest content is reaching your visitors.

Our website support and maintenance plans start at $29 per month and best of all there are NO contracts. You can change or cancel your plan at anytime and you can take advantage of our services until the end of that month. Please click the link below to view our plans.


Our Team.

Big Agency Development. Intimate Environment.

Stan and Pam - Co-founders/Parners


Pam Hooker co-founded the company with her husband Stan and his parents. She is responsible for the daily operations of the company, and when she has time, loves to design.

Stan Hooker co-founded the company with his wife Pam and his parents. He is the Chief Technical Officer for their company and the Lead Developer for all their projects. He oversees all projects from design through programming and launch, making sure all the clients expections have been exceeded - now, and in the future.

Chris - Technical Lead, Full Stack Developer, Application Developer

Web App Developer

Chris Chiaparri Davis is responsible for all web application development, customizing the web for our clients. She also specializes in LAMP development and is a software architect for web based applications.

Aliseea - Front End Developer

Content Management

Aliseea Hooker helps to bring it all together by creating all of the pages for your website. She makes sure everything meets the clients expections, the site structure was created properly and ensures that the transition process from development to deployment internally goes without a hitch. And when she has time, helps keep things straight around here.

Our Work.

Tell us where you want to go. We'll take you there.

We pay attention to detail, large or small doesn’t matter to us.

We are trusted by a variety of clients. Sole-proprietor to goverment agencies, we have created and produced for them all. Here is a small sampling of some projects we have completed.


.01 Luxmark Watches

  • PCI Compliant eCommerce
  • Magento 1.9.3
  • Braintree Integration
  • Responsive Design

Cosmos Marketing Inc. contacted us again to build another website to launch their new brand of watches - Luxmark. After their successful Torgeon brand launch we built a new site using Magento and Braintree for the online sales of their watches.

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.02 Racer Direct

  • PCI Compliant eCommerce
  • Magento 2.2
  • Intuit Merchant
  • Responsive Design

Racer Direct contacted us to move their current website into the Magento 2 platform and make their site responsive for mobile devices. We integrated Quickbooks and Intuit Merchant Services for the processing and tranking of sales.

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.03 National League of Cities

  • WordPress CMS - Custom Management

The National League of Cities works in partnership with Let’s Move! and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to provide cities, towns and counties with the tools and support they need to build healthy communities. WordPress was used as a content management system and custom plugins were developed for tracking and support of participating communities.

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In Progress.

Just a little bit to let you know what we're up to.

What have we been up to? Take a look!

Below is a short list of projects that are currently being developed or have been recently completed. Please feel free to take a look and then reach out to us below to start your next project.

.01 Uniserv, Inc.

  • Date: February 2019 - Completed
  • Platform: Custom B2B Magento 2.3 Development
  • Features: Responsive Design, Magento 2 Multi-site, Quickbooks Integration, API Integration

We were contacted by Uniserv, Inc. to build a multi-site B2B eCommerce portal using the Magento eCommerce system. This includes custom themes, individual website portals with secure logon for each client, custom payment and shipping options, one-line order form and custom menu and account editing options.

.02 AC Units for Less

  • Date: February 2019 - In Progress
  • Platform: Custom Magento 2.3 Development
  • Features: Responsive Design, Slideshow, Magento 2, Quickbooks Integration, API Integration

We were contacted again by AC Units for Less to rebuild the current eCommerce website using the Magento eCommerce system. This is to provide them with greater tools and flexibility for their growing business to help them continue to be competitive in the marketplace.

.03 Cities of Opportunity

  • Date: November 2018 - In Progress
  • Platform: Custom WordPress Development
  • Features: Responsive Design, Slideshow, WordPress, custom plugins

National Leagues of Cities in Washington, D.C. contacted us to build a custom website for their city initiative to create better environment in cities across all regions. We created resource areas, tools, social networks and forums to help educate cities so they can provide an environment where people can reach their full potential and live healthy, productive lives.

.04 Advanced Health and Vitality

  • Date: November 2018 - In Progress
  • Platform: Custom WordPress Development
  • Features: Responsive Design, Slideshow, WordPress, custom plugins

AHV contacted us to create a new custom WordPress theme and lead generation tools to promote their vitamin IV therapy clinic.

.05 Swain Distribution

  • Date: December 2017 - Completed
  • Platform: Magento 2 eCommerce, Intuit and Quickbooks Integration
  • Features: Responsive Design, Slideshow

Swain Distribution contacted us again to move their eCommerce platform we built in 2015 to Magento 2. We used their existing design to work within the Magento platform and took advantage of all the tools available in the Magento eCommerce system. We used Intuit Merchant Services and CartSpan for Quickbooks integration for a complete solution.

.06 RTC Transportation, Inc.

  • Date: September 2018 - Completed
  • Platform: Static Responsive Website
  • Features: Responsive Design

We were contacted by RTC Transportation to create a corporate presence website to compliment the web application we built to monitor their loads across the country.

.07 Modern Quilt

  • Date: September 2018 - Completed
  • Platform: WordPress / WooCommerce, PCI Compliant eCommerce / Braintree Payments/PayPal
  • Features: Responsive Design, Slideshow, WordPress, Quickbooks Integration, API Integration

Modern Quit contacted us to take their business to the next level using WordPress and WooCommerce. We created a new design to work within the Magento platform and take advantage of all the tools available in the Magento eCommerce system. Using Braintree for PCI compliance, CartSpan for Quickbooks integration and custom API's to help meet customer needs, we provided a complete solution.

.08 Myco Supply, Inc.

  • Date: January 2018 - Completed
  • Platform: WordPress / WooCommerce, PCI Compliant eCommerce / Authorize.Net
  • Features: Responsive Design, Magento 2

Comfort Zone contacted us again for conversion of their PDG eCommerce system into WordPress and WooCommerce. We maintained the look and feel of the current site and rebuilt the framework to work with and take advantage of the Magento 2 CE eCommerce system. This build also uses Braintree for PCI compliance and CartSpan for Quickbooks integration.

.09 JSI Signs, Inc.

  • Date: July 2017 - Completed
  • Platform: Nexternal PCI Compliant eCommerce / WordPress
  • Features: Responsive Design, Slideshow, WordPress CMS

JSI Signs came to us for a fourth time to update their website to take advantage of new technologies so they can provide a better user experience for their buyers. This includes a more streamline cart functionality using the Nexternal Hosted Soluton and WordPress to manage all of the content pages.

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