Little word. Big meaning.


Matt6 Studios is a creative development agency that believes that creativity and functionality can live in harmony with each other. It is what we strive for our clients. Everyday.

Where did we come from?

In 1989, Stan started a real estate appraising business. Shortly after, Stan and Pam got married and started a family. After 10 years in business and a volatile real estate market, we started looking for something else to do. In 1999, Stan's dad wanted to sell designer-like sunglasses. Even though the Internet was still in it's infancy, we wanted a web presence for the sunglass business. Who knows, we thought, "maybe this Internet thing will catch on and we can sell sunglasses nationwide or even globally." So, we decided to build a website ourselves - our very first eCommerce website.

We kept the real estate business while the sunglass business grew. Before we knew it we had our own brand. As the business grew and we got our product into more and more shops, it became clear that the company was going to take more time away from our family. That wasn't what we wanted. So we prayed. We believed that if we were going to make it in this business, then God would make a way that would not take us away from our family. Within six months, God made it clear that this wasn't where He wanted us, and the sunglass business slowly faded away.

So what do we do now? Stan's dad said “Hey, you built a website for us, why don't you do that for others?" We really didn't know how it would be starting all over again with something else. But, after some praying we started to brainstorm and developed a new business for building websites. Stan started taking courses and developing the skills needed to get involved in this new industry. In 2001, we launched WebUsAt.com, LLC. Why WebUsAt you ask? The Internet was still new and Stan's dad thought he would "coin a phrase" to answer a question - Where can I find you on the web? - Well you can Web Us At.... and the name was born.

What Next?

We never thought the web company would really catch on and it never really made enough money to support our family, so we kept the real estate appraisal company going. Four years passed and the real estate appraisal business was just getting worse. We were about to lose our largest client. The web company couldn't support us on its own. We just didn't trust it to. So we prayed. The client we were about to lose offered Stan a job. That was late June of 2005. This was great, we could continue appraising and doing the web work. God answered our prayers. Six month later, in early January 2006, the company no longer needed Stan in the area they hired him for and let him go. Now we had nothing, just a web company that didn't amount to much. "What were we going to do? We have 3 kids, living expenses and bills to pay." Worry and fear set in. "Didn't God give us this job? What now?" Then a song played on the radio for Stan, Blessed Be the Name of the Lord "In the good times, in the bad times, blessed be the name." Then the verses came to mind - Matthew 6:25-34 "Do not worry... Look at the birds of the air... your heavenly Father feeds them... Why worry about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field they neither toil or spin but Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of these... God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow... Will He not clothe you?". Well that was it, God was still in control and He promised to take care of us. So we let go and let God. Two weeks later God gave us a new client and our first new large web project - enough to get us into the next month. It is so cool to look back. In all honesty, we would have never left appraising. We prayed for a way out, but we would have never left on our own. God needed to completely close that door, which He did. But, not without having another one wide open for us to walk through. Which in full faith we did. God has never looked back and neither have we.

God has really moved us forward. Making this company more successful than the first. In 2014, we decided to honor God by changing the name from WebUsAt.com to Matt6 Studios. To reflect Him, where He has taken us, and to remind us to always trust Him. It has taken us over two years to change the name. We are so thankful for that time. God, in His faithfulness, continues to teach us so much more. Allowing us to see His provision in our lives in a different way. His provision comes as a result of our actions. Matthew 6:33 states, "BUT, seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Yes, God will always provide! But, we need to seek Him first, above all else. Then, everything else will come into place. It's the understanding that we cannot do this on our own. We are not capable. We need to always seek after Him, in every area. It is our hope that Matt6 Studios reflects God. He has and continues to be faithful. We want to use our creative gifts and talents for His glory. May we always remember to seek and trust in Him first, above all else. We will not worry, He promises to always take care of us. He promises that for you, also.

Stan and Pam