Maintenance Plans

How we do what we do.

Terms of Support Services

Hopefully in plain English, below is the description and terms of our Maintenance Plan Services.

The support plans are available for sites running WordPress 4.5 and newer and Magento 1.8 and newer only. If you have an older WordPress/Magento version or another need, please contact us. If you would like to review our website maintenance plans, click here.

Core Upgrades Core Upgrades

We will review your site monthly for any available upgrades to the core system or to any extensions/plugins that are installed. If upgrades are available we will back up your entire site and database prior to any upgrades in case of failure.

Depending on your plan, there may be fees or additional fees for fixing any issues the upgrades caused including but not limited to fixing themes, plugins and extensions.

Core upgrades may also cause incompatibilities with existing themes, plugins or extensions. In this case, we will roll back to the previous working version and provide a cost to locate replacement plugins/extensions and complete the upgrade.

If your plan allows for a staging server, we will test all upgrades prior to making the changes to the live site and notify you of any issues or additional fees that may result from the upgrade.

SSL Certificate GEOTrust SSL Certificate

Secures both www and non-www of your domain. Low-cost single root certificate, 99% browser recognition rate and up to 256-bit encryption.

This is available only if your site is hosted on one of our servers.

Daily Malware Scans Daily Malware Scans

We will scan your account daily for Malware to help keep your site safe from viruses and code for sending spam. If any issues arise we will remove any viruses from your account. If further actions are necessary like adding CAPTCHA to forms, other security measures or updating code, additional fees may be required depending on your plan.

If your site is not hosted on one of our servers, this service may not be available.

Weekley Backups Weekly Backups

We will backup your site twice a week while retaining 1 previous backup. Hopefully that way you will always have a working backup incase something happens.

You may ask “Why only twice a week?”. We are trying not to overwrite a good copy of your site with a bad one. If there is an issue with your site and the backups happen more often, we may lose that good backup because the bad one overwrites it. Before you realize, there would only be bad backups of your site and there would be a greater cost involved to remedy the issue.

If your site is hosted on one of our servers, there also a server snapshot taken once a month.

If your site is not hosted on one of our servers, this service may not be available.

Website Support Support

Depending on your plan we offer ticketing support and/or email support. While our servers are managed 365/24/7, our website support runs from 8am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday. We will address emergencies beyond that timeframe such as your website being down or being locked out of your website as soon as we are aware of the issue and can provide a fix. No other issues will be addressed after hours or during any holiday.

You can reach our ticketing support system at

If your plan allows for email support, please use

As stated above, our servers are managed 365/24/7. All server down issues are addressed immediately by our server management company. If your site is not hosted with us, please contact your hosting company for any server issues.

Per Incident Support
The Basic Maintenance Plan does not include any coding or content support. All website issues are handled on a per incident basis.

We will notify you of the items that need to be corrected so your site can be updated along with the cost of fixing those items to complete the update. You can then determine if you would like to move ahead with the updates. If you choose not to remedy those issues no further updates will be performed on the site until those items are addressed.

Uptime Monitoring Uptime Monitoring

We will monitor your site to make sure it is live 365/24/7. We will be notified immediately if your site is down and take appropriate action. Depending on the issue and your plan, there may be fees involved to remedy the issue. You will be notified of any additional fees prior to work being performed.

Security Plugin Security Plugin

We will install available security plugins and make sure your site is secure as best we can to protect for Brute Force attacks, injection and spam.

Site CACHEing Site CACHEing

We will install available CACHEing plugins/extensions to help speed up your website.

Coding Support Coding Support

We can help you to maintain your current codebase or help you create new functionality as you need it.

Content Support Content Support

We can add content, update images, products, add events and special announcments to keep your website up to date.

CDN Network CDN Network

This service allows us to spread your website assets that are used to create your website, to various servers across the globe. Whatever server is closer to your users originating address, that server will be used to deliver your pages. This will result in a faster loading website providing your users with a better website experience.

Staging Environment Staging Environment

We will set up a duplicate of your website on the same server your live site is on for testing and development of new functionality, plugins, upgrades and any other core changes.

If your site is not hosted on one of our servers, there may be additional fees or server hosting resources required to use this service.

Optimize Performance Optimize Performance

We will check your website performace monthly to make sure your site is running as fast as possible.

Migration Migration

We would be happy to migrate your current site to one of our servers for you at no extra charge.

Servers Servers

All of our servers are managed 365/24/7 by a server management company. This team handles any server issues immediately.

Dedicated Server
We place a limited number of sites on each of our dedicated servers to ensure that optimal resources are available on your website. We can place your site on a dedicated server and provide you with up to 10 email address and 500MB of disk space.

Cost: $17.50 per month paid annually

Cloud Server
We can place your site on one of our Cloud servers. The main advantage of this server over our dedicated server is that if there is any kind of hardware failure, other hardware steps in to take its place. This will eliminate any downtime due to hardware failure. These servers also spread their resources out in the cloud to ensure that optimal resources are available for each site.

We can place your site on one of our Cloud servers and provide you with up to 10 email address and 500MB of disk space.

Cost: $22.50 per month paid annually

Additional email addresses and disk space is available for additional fees.

Both hosting services include 30 minutes website support to your website annually.

We will take care of your website on your existing server or move it to one of our servers for free. We will provide a free consultation to determine if you current hosting environment will meet our needs according to the plan you choose. If your current hosting plan does not allow for any of these services, that service cannot be performed without moving your website to one of our servers. Our hosting plans start at $17.50 per month and are paid annually.

Custom Website Support Plans

If one of the above plans do not suit your needs, please reach out to us and we will customize a support plan to fit your needs and budget. Use the contact form below or call us at 856.767.3134